It’s summer and it’s hot! If you aren’t splashing in a pool, then you’re probably wishing you were. While McAllen has plenty of places to cool off, there’s nothing better than downing a cold and sweet delight that’ll put a smile on your face. Here’s our list of a few local ice cream shops in McAllen that you should try out!

Rolling With Cream

10 N. Broadway St.

Rolling with Cream is the only Thai ice cream truck in the Rio Grande Valley. They make their treats with fresh ingredients but without extra preservatives right in front of you! They serve 13 different flavor combinations, from mildly sweet to OMG sweet! Our absolute favorite is “Gimme S’more Kisses”. It contains a vanilla base, a graham cracker and chocolate syrup topped with a giant marshmallow with Hersey’s Kisses. You can even create your own!

La Catrina Artesanal

4901 W. Expressway 83, Suite 155

There’s no place better to beat the scorching summer heat than at La Catrina Artesanal. It’s the cutest ice cream shop with an Instagram-worthy swing that will have you documenting your ice cream adventures with photos. They serve up endless amounts of ice cream combinations that cater to even the pickiest of eaters.

They have bunuelos with ice cream, concha ice cream sandwiches, ice cream sandwich churros, ice cream cakes and traditional ice cream cones. If you’re craving it, they probably have it in a variety of flavors! If you’re feeling like a cooked egg on the street, just stop on by for their churro cone with your favorite ice cream flavor! It’s as tasty as you can imagine and will have you cooling off in no time.

The Baked Pair

5401 N. 10th St., Suite 117

Two big heavy-hitters in the Rio Grande Valley have joined forces, and we are ever so grateful! Ice Cream & Bananas has been enticing South Texas with their handcrafted ice cream pop-up shops. They craft ice cream and sorbets from scratch using organic and natural ingredients. There’s also CC’s Sweets & Tweets which has some of the best macaroons we’ve ever tried.

Now, combine these two.

The Baked Pair is a result of this magically glorious and mouth-watering giant ice cream sandwich. Seriously, if you’re planning to have just one ice cream treat this summer, it has to be their Fruity Pebble macaron ice cream sandwich filled with Strawberry Balsamic ice cream. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy all summer long.

Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor

2602 N. 10th St.

Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor has been captivating residents and visitors with an array of 52 different flavors for years! On a hot summer day, there’s nothing like having a classic, double-scoop of ice cream. Serving up banana splits, custom-ordered dipped ice cream popsicles and homemade waffle cones alongside hearty ice cream scoops, Joe’s Ice Cream Parlor is a must on any hot day. Head on over to get yourself a scoop, or two, or three!


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