It unites strangers and can be eaten any time of the day. Some might argue that it even tastes better as a leftover. That’s right, you know we’re talking about pizza! With so many mouth-watering toppings, there is one that often gets left out.

Cheese! Sure you can order multiple toppings, but if there isn’t the perfect amount of cheese, that whole pizza is ruined. As an important ingredient in one of America’s most favorite foods, it’s no surprise that there is a whole day dedicated to Cheese Pizza! To help you prepare for September 5th, we are naming some of the best local places to get some delicious pizzas that will make any cheese lover proud.

The Flying Walrus

Want to enjoy some brewskis to compliment your pizza with a laid back atmosphere and good jams? Downtown McAllen’s Flying Walrus is your spot. Now, when you think of Downtown, most people don’t think of food, but places like the Flying Walrus are changing that perception. With the cheesiest of cheese, add some pepperonis and follow it with some nice cold drinks. No wonder Flying Walrus is a popular Downtown destination.

Mama Mia Pizzeria

There isn’t a person in the Rio Grande Valley that doesn’t know about Mama Mia Pizzeria. From what we’ve heard, the all-meat pizza will definitely change your life. And the crust? It’s soft and delicious! With ingredients to fit every taste bud, they pile on the cheesy goodness! But beware; their scent will definitely get your stomach growling!

Republic of the Rio Grande

If you know about this location, you may be inclined to ask, “Republic of the Rio Grande serves pizza?” THEY DO! Their pizzas are hidden gems that you’ll want to rush over for during lunch. Ask for the Goat Cheese Pizza and thank us later. Better yet, bring us one! It’s made with walnuts, mushrooms and fresh basil topped with fresh goat and mozzarella cheeses on a garlic and olive oil base. This upscale eatery’s thin crust pizza is made with a brick oven baking it to perfection. No wonder people absolutely love Republic of the Rio Grande!

Villa Pizza

Located at La Plaza Mall, Villa Pizza deserves the recognition it gets. Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen was built on the strict loyalty to authentic, old-world recipes straight from Naples, Italy. Their variety of Italian foods will have you salivating. When you get to the pizza choices, it’s no different. Choose from 21 different toppings and you’ll even have the chance to create your own combination! It’s perfect for lunch and they have great dinner specials. It’s a match made in pizza heaven!

Il Forno a Legna

New to the Valley, Il Forno a Legna brings on the pizza competition. From the comments we’ve heard, everyone must try they’re Quattro Formaggi pizza. It’s every cheese lover’s dream with the perfect amount of mozzarella, Gorgonzola, pecorino and Parmesan, all awaiting to be flavored by your taste buds. Using fresh ingredients combined with traditional techniques, it’s no surprise that this new kid on the block has the entire Valley talking.

Russo’s New York Pizzeria

Okay, Russo’s is a franchise, but it has such a homey, “you are family” feel. Plus, with authentic hand-tossed pizzas, it had to be on this list. Russo’s should be considered for your National Pizza Party location. We’re not saying you have to share your 28-inch, extra-large pizza with others, but if you’re willing to share, and you’ll surely have to, all of your friends and family will be thanking you.

These delicious pizzas contain family-made recipes passed down through generations, from New York all the way to the good ol’ State of Texas. And we must thank them because we Texans are sure happy to have all of this tasty goodness.

Mama’s Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen

If you want a good special on pizza without compromising any of the great flavors, Mama’s Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen is the place to go! With constant lunch specials and yummy pizzas, this is another of South Texas’s favorite places. You can even have one of their pepperoni, mushroom and jalapeno combinations out on the patio to enjoy with your furry friend! Yes, their patio is dog-friendly, but don’t turn your back on your pizza. It’ll be so good that your companion might just want a bite!

Blue Onion

With their Po’ Boys, wraps and savory salads, the Blue Onion might not be the first place you think of when considering pizza. Well, think again! It has a great list of pizzas, including their Fajita pizza, which includes, of course, fajitas, jalapeno peppers and mozzarella. They do keep it classic with their traditional-style pizzas, but they also have Shrimp and Feta, Al Pastor (chicken, fajita and shrimp) and more! These infusions sound like we have to go pick one up for dinner!

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!

We are overloaded with all of the delectable pizzas that we want to order. It’s hard to concentrate when all we can think about are these cheesy treasures. One thing is certain, McAllen is serving up some of the best pizzas in the Rio Grande Valley and we can’t wait to try them all!


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