A cup of Joe is easy to find in every Starbucks, McDonald’s and other locations across McAllen. But instead of waiting in line to order a generic serving of your morning pick-me-up, McAllen has several local coffee shops that provide a perfect place to study, hang out with friends or serve up a savory cup of coffee!

Luna Coffee

Luna Coffee House

113 W. Nolana Ave.

If you follow them on Instagram, then you’ll know that Luna Coffee House is serving up much more than your favorite coffee flavors. They can combine savory desserts with your hot beverage, making it a sweet and morning pick-me-up to help you take on the day. Want to grab a bite to eat too? Luna also has BBQ grilled cheese sandwiches that we’ve heard are absolutely Luna-tic! This is the perfect place in McAllen for playing a round of chess with friends or evoking your inner artist during their Open Mic Night on Saturdays. We promise that you’ll feel right at home here.

Black Iron Cafe

Black Iron Café

4001 N. 23rd St.

If you haven’t explored the McAllen Public Library yet, then you’re in for a surprise! Black Iron Café not only has a varied coffee menu, it also serves up lunch specials that will put those hunger growls to rest. If you follow them on Instagram, you’ll see that their baristas can get creative in naming their specials. With drinks and specials like “Power Ranger Italian Sodas”, “Snow White Frappes” or the “Zelda Wrap”, there’s no way you’ll walk away without a smile on your face.

Shake Express

Shake Express

6308 N. 10th St.

An unlikely place to get a good cup of Joe, Shake Express will surely surprise you. Don’t let the name fool you, though. Shakes aren’t the only things they serve up. They specialize in everything healthy and tasty for you. Craft protein shakes and smoothies, fresh juices, artisan coffees, gluten-free pastries and power bowls? What more can you ask for when training for that marathon or shedding a few pounds for the summer? Shake Express is where you need to be.

Cafe Grande

Café Grande

1200 S. Col. Rowe Blvd.

When entering Café Grande, you’ll notice so many features and servings that you won’t want to leave. When here, ask for the Abue – Latte. It infuses your favorite Abuelita chocolate into a hot or cold iced coffee, bringing you back to your favorite childhood memories.  They serve a great selection of coffees, one of which includes Crimson Cup (named 2016 Micro Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine). After ordering, head out onto their patio. The area looks exactly like it came out of a home and garden magazine!

The Sugar Cube

800 N. Main St.

As the newest coffee shop in the city, The Sugar Cube is located in the heart of the McAllen Art District. With their casual vibes and savory coffee, this is the spot to relax with your friends or get down to business on your laptop. The Sugar Cube also serves up some vegan cheeseburgers that we’ll explore later! It’s a great option for healthier alternatives that can be hard to find in McAllen.

Moonbeans Coffee

MoonBeans Coffee

5401 N. 10th St.

The heaviest hitter in McAllen, MoonBeans Coffee has been serving up delectable cups of roasted beans since 1999. One taste of their Moon Mud coffee will have you over the stars. They also have tasty pastries that go hand-in-hand with their coffee flavors. If you’re looking for an alternative to coffee, MoonBeans serves the Oreo Orbit! It’s an Oreo delight that will dance in your mouth. It’s one of our favorites! With comfy seating and an inviting atmosphere, it’s the ideal place for a study session or a day date with friends.


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