Valentine’s Day may seem like it’s all about the women, but there’s enough love to go around! When you’re planning the perfect Valentine’s Day for that special someone, sometimes nerves can get the best of you. But no need to worry, Explore McAllen has advice on where to get your sweets, flowers and dinner reservations just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Dining in McAllen

McAllen has so many good restaurants to satisfy every taste bud. This Valentine’s Day, many restaurants are offering specials for you and your lady. Depending on your style and whether you want a casual night out or a romantic dinner for two, McAllen caters to all. While we couldn’t list ALL of our favorite restaurants, we can name a few that are going all out this Valentine’s Day.

A Sweeter Valentine’s Day

If you’re cutting it close this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with some delectable sweets from one of our favorite bakeries in McAllen. Although it’s too close to specially order your sweets, many bakeries have a daily array of cupcakes and treats. Be sure to pick something up early or even the day before if you can because these sweets will surely sell out!

Pamper Yourself with a Spa

Men should enjoy nice relaxation in tranquility too. McAllen has numerous spas that you can enjoy with your special someone on Valentine’s Day or if you want to go solo. Check out some of our favorite spas.

Petals of Love

You can’t go wrong with flowers. A beautiful array of tulips, lilies or one single red rose will have your special someone feeling the love with a breathtaking gesture of flowers. It’s the perfect sentimental gift of “I love you” and will brighten her day. Look for some of these great florists when looking for your Valentine’s Day arrangement in McAllen.


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