Christmas is sneaking upon us and it’s that time where people begin panicking after learning they’ve forgotten something on their shopping list! While everyone knows that McAllen is the place to get shopping done, this time of year can scare off even the most dedicated shopper. While last-minute shopping can seem intimidating, it can be done by being prepared and ready.

Plan Ahead

Decide who’ll be on your Nice List and which stores you’ll go to first. For extra bonus points, look online to see if certain stores have what you’ll need in stock. This takes the guesswork out of last-minute adventures that’ll eliminate more driving, long lines and extra expenses.

Go Early

Don’t shop at the same time everyone else does! Avoiding crowds and long lines is easy if you go early. Holiday hours will vary depending on the store, so find out the opening times of the shops you plan on visiting. This might mean sacrificing a couple of extra snoozes, but it also means not having to deal with so much chaos.

Bring Comfy Shoes

With so many places to shop in McAllen, it’s no surprise that it’s the best city to find everything you need. If your Nice List is long, then you’ll probably be on your feet for a while. It’s best to choose a comfortable outfit to tackle an all-day shopping spree. One of the most important pieces of your wardrobe are your shoes. You’ll be standing and walking a lot, so be ready and comfortable.

Go During the Week

The weekends will be crazy from now until after Christmas. Skip out on the Holiday traffic and crowds by shopping during the week. You’ll find that stores will be blissfully less chaotic since most people are working. Monday through Thursday is the best time of the week to get your shopping done. On Fridays, crowds start picking up, but it’s nowhere near those seen on Saturdays or Sundays.

The Best Places to Shop

With these tips, the best places to complete your shopping list is at La Plaza Mall, Trenton Plaza and Las Tiendas. Those are just the big retail chains, so you’ll still have local shops that offer great deals and one-of-a-kind finds, too! For a list of major retail stores in McAllen, click here. For some of our favorite local shops featured during Tax Free Weekend, click here.


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