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McAllen Creative Incubator

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Efforts on behalf of the City of McAllen’s Chamber of Commerce have made the McA2 Creative Incubator a reality. It was designed with one purpose in mind: support and provide a home for local artists.

The McA2 encourages talented artisans to fully develop their skills in music, dance, painting and film by offering low studio fees, legal assistance and technical support. The Creative Incubator contains 13 art studios and convenient resources located within a local remodeled community college building. Qualified artists can take advantage of exhibit spaces and theatre stages for art galleries and performances. Events showcasing artist's works are openly held to the community.

Creativity, dedication and passion drive the talented individuals housed in the McAllen Creative Incubator. Join and learn about these local artists as they exhibit the fruits of their labor. Explore the McA2 website for details on the schedule of events.

Working to Improve Quality of Life

The City of McAllen holds a firm belief on the idea that programs and projects geared toward enhancing local citizens’ quality of life improves the community as a whole. As a community with a vibrant culture and deep passion for the arts, regional cities dedicate various events and programs throughout the year to encourage residents to pursue those passions. The McAllen Creative Incubator was specifically designed to target such efforts.

The McA2 provides resources to push individuals to the next level of a business idea by catering towards artisans, writers, computer programmers and musicians. Healthy economic growth results from helping the community one member at a time. The potential for growth within a region with a higher quality of life and an ambitious culture warrants the implementation of projects like the McA2.