Don’t Miss “Here Be Dragons” at IMAS!


We all know dragons as those mythical creatures that breathe fire and usually guard a large amount of treasure. Covered with thousands of scales and flying with enormous wings that can easily carry this beast, it’s safe to say that dragons are enormous. These winged creatures will invade the International Museum of Art & Science (IMAS) from May 28th to September 5th for a special event called “Here Be Dragons”! This exhibit will explore the myth of dragons through culture, literature, folklore, religion and more.

More Than an Exhibit

Organized by the Potawatomi Zoo and produced by Build 4 Impact Inc., this exhibit features a 4,000 square foot interactive area in Discovery Pavilion at IMAS. The “Here Be Dragons” exhibit will have the entire family learning about dragon origins, facts and will even encounter real, living “dragons”!

Expect to see Frilled Dragons, Basilisks, Monitor Lizards and more! Experience over 20 real-life lizards that will engage visitors of all ages. Learn about what these “dragons” eat, how they survive in the wild, their predators and how you can play a vital part in preserving their habitats.

Travel back to medieval times, across continents and participate in a variety of hands-on interactive stations. Experience the thrill of a medieval catapult, become a paleontologist in the Dino Dig Box, create a magical world through puppets and so much more.


This exhibition is not included in general admission. There is a $5 additional entrance fee except for Family Premium Members and above. General admission is $7 for adults, $5 for seniors or students with ID and $4 for children aged four through 12. For more information, please call 956.682.0123 or visit


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