Exploring More: A Look into Our Updated Website’s Creation!


As a city known for its rich culture, expressive populace and numerous locations for fun, it’s safe to say that McAllen has it all. As such, Explore McAllen needed an updated outlet to express the city’s liveliness and ever-present flair. We are so excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website! We wanted something that was not only easier to navigate, but also captured the essence of all things McAllen, and this definitely checked all of the boxes.

We are your go-to website for the latest trends and updates in this happening town. The new site highlights events, concerts, nightlife, up-and-coming restaurants and other fun activities in the city, all while being very nice to look at, if we do say so ourselves!

The City of McAllen’s Retail and Business Development Director, Rebecca M. Olaguibel, shared her insight on the project. “Explore McAllen is the best way to keep up with all of the fun and excitement happening in the city. We’re delighted to see how the new, bigger and bolder site will work for Explorers to find the best way to spend time with family and friends in McAllen.”

Being User- and Mobile-Friendly

Our new layout features a pleasant aesthetic that engages visitors from the start with easy-to-navigate tabs. In addition to a simplified desktop view, the site also features mobile-friendliness for those who are always on-the-go! This enables you to have access to upcoming events right at your fingertips.

One Site for it All

Whether you’re a Valley native or an out-of-town visitor, Explore McAllen is perfect for all. We have all of the information you need if you’re looking to stay in the city for extended periods of time, searching for new eateries to dine at or just trying to find new ways to explore McAllen! See what we did there?

With a fresh and colorful new vibe, we hope that you’ll catch a glimpse of what life in McAllen looks like!

Stick Around

We hope that you’ll love the website’s new look as much as we do! If this is your first time visiting, then stick around! Enjoy our simple navigation and crisp, clean layout while staying up-to-date on various things to do in McAllen!


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