Scaring the RGV: Haunted Houses in and Around McAllen


Howling werewolves, ghastly ghouls and fear-inducing creatures are awakening in the Rio Grande Valley and are ready to frighten the wits out of visitors just in time for Halloween! But the brave souls who are ready for a scream before Halloween can experience all of the terror all month long at one of the many haunted houses in the Rio Grande Valley.

Nightmare on Broadway 4D (Ages 12+) | McAllen

Considered one of the scariest attractions in South Texas, Nightmare on Broadway 4D brings the terror differently every year. With more over-the-top psychological thrills and state-of-the-art elements never-before-seen in South Texas with their eye-popping 3D and 4D interactive special effects, this haunted house will immerse you in such an engrossing way. Expect creaking floors, cautiously cold, ghastly drafts and 25 rooms full of horror death traps. Be prepared to scream for your life at Nightmare on Broadway 4D.

$20 for general admittance and $30 for VIP tickets.

Thursday through Sunday from 8:00 PM until after midnight.

Visit the website for more info.

Rotting Flesh Factory (Ages 10+) | Harlingen

It’s known that a renowned psychiatrist used highly controversial treatments to assist clinically insane patients overcome their phobias. Witness the electroshock therapy, restraints and brutal force that have trapped all of those souls in this 15,000 square foot labyrinth at the Rotting Flesh Factory. Each ghoulish creature you encounter will have you wanting to turn back. The biggest rumor at Rotting Flesh Factory is that as visitors come, many leave a part of their souls behind.

$20 for general admittance, $25 for online passes and $40 for VIP tickets.

Open Every Weekend in October from 7:30 PM until 11:00 PM/midnight.

Visit the Rotting Flesh Factory website for more info.

Toluca Ranch Haunted House | Progresso

A property famous for its local legend where occult practices and deals with the devil will be the site of a new and scary haunted house. With faint crying, daunting footsteps and creatures out to search for victims, Toluca Ranchisn’t anything like what you’ve experienced before.

If their video on their Facebook page is any indication of the horrors that await you, you might experience some paranormal activity too. Separate fact from fiction and experience some ghostly and horrific encounters for yourself at the Toluca Ranch Haunted House. For braver souls, try their Survivor Challenge and go through the whole house and maze alone!

$20 for general admittance, $30 for the Survivor Challenge and $35 for VIP tickets.

Will be held on Fridays and Saturdays from 8:00 PM to Midnight.

Visit the Toluca Ranch official website here.

Is there a haunted house we missed in the Rio Grande Valley? Message us on Facebook if we did!


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