Tired of the same traditional things to do in McAllen? Well, if you love puzzles with a hint of thrills, there are two new alternative places to try out. Get your friends to start thinking on their feet while racing against the clock in order to stay alive in “The Valley Escape Room” and “Trapped RGV”! These two escape rooms are bringing a new type of fun for residents across the Rio Grande Valley.

What is an Escape Room?

An escape room is a physical adventure game where players are locked in a room and have to use elements to solve a series of puzzles within a set amount of time. These games are the real life versions of “escape the room” video games.

With each escape room encompassing a different theme or storyline, family, friends and even co-workers band together to solve clues, crack codes and find hidden items to escape in only 60 minutes. Four people or more are required to participate. Think of it as an extreme team-building experience that you will never forget. These rooms help sharpen your problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

The Valley Escape Room

Trapping people since November 2015, The Valley Escape Room is now offering two distinctive themes to participate in.

The Titanic Room

In this room, you have to race against the clock to recover the stolen “Titanic Heart of the Ocean Blue Diamond Necklace.” Deployed by the FBI, you are a part of an elite recovery team set out to quickly recover a necklace before the jewelry thieves’ return! This theme can even travel to your private business or home! Bring The Titanic Room to you!

The Zombie Room

After zombies have taken over the world, you and your team are following clues for the last known cure for zombiism. A successful scientist has found the cure, but was ultimately bitten by the very zombie she tested upon. Still chained in her office, you must race against the clock to retrieve the medicine and save mankind. This theme is also available in Spanish.

A minimum of four people is needed for this game. Games are $22 per person. You can book your session online.

Trapped RGV

Opened in May of this year, Trapped RGV takes the escape room to a whole other level.


In this escape room, you and your friends have been kidnapped. Handcuffed in a strange room, you will discover hidden clues from previous “victims” that will help you escape. You and your team must work together in order to escape the room before the kidnapper returns!

A minimum of two players is required with a maximum of eight. Games are $25 per person. Book online here.

Tell Us if You Escaped!

What’s neat is that you can see everyone who escaped or were trapped on his or her social media pages. It’s a fun way to rival others on who escaped and who didn’t. So, next time you’re bored, remember McAllen has some great places to get TRAPPED in!


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