Make the Most Out of Museum Day on May 18th!


If you don’t know about the International Museum of Arts & Science (IMAS), then you are truly missing out. They continuously host many great exhibits that engage visitors of all ages! With great interactive exhibits for kids, fascinating facts and great insight to numerous artworks, the whole family can look forward to a fun and informative day. What better excuse to take a trip to IMAS than on Museum Day on May 18th? Make it a priority to celebrate everything IMAS has to offer and experience the fun!

Carteles de Cine Mexicano/Mexican Cinema Posters

This is one for all artists, designers, photographers and film lovers! “Carteles de Cine Mexicano/Mexican Cinema Posters” is the perfect exhibition for you. It will feature 20 posters designed by Josep Renau created between 1940 and 1955. During this Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Mr. Renau revolutionized the design of film propaganda in Mexico.

He introduced the technique of airbrush, which provided more realistic images and allowed for offset printing. Posters for the major films of the period include: “Ahí está el detalle”, starring Cantinflas; “El peñón de las ánimas”, María Félix’s first movie; and “Ensayo de un crimen” by Buñuel, among others.

Gisela Colon: PODS

This exhibit features futuristic Glo-Pod sculptures. Beautiful and odd, these are blow-molded acrylic plastic and iridescent and fluorescent pigment pieces. The interior colors of these sculptures are constantly morphing, depending on lighting conditions and the angle they are viewed. Each time you look at these pods, you can see a different color! Learn more about Gisela Colón: PODS here.

Metal Madness

IMAS is presenting George Tobolowsky’s “Is This The Road I’m On?”, an exhibition featuring metal objects to create abstract indoor sculptures in the modernist tradition infused with a healthy dose of wit. This Dallas native will invoke your curiosity with these magnificent metal sculptures.

Along with the sculptures featured at the museum, IMAS has also installed five of his large-scale sculptures outside at the corner of Bicentennial Drive and Nolana Avenue and another five around the city. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse!

Les Diners de Gala by Salvador Dali

Food is the favorite theme behind Salvador Dali’s work in Les Diners de Gala. This event features lithographs by the leader of surrealism, who illustrated a cookbook in 1973 as a collaboration with a secret chef. In conjunction with the release of the book, Dalí produced the twelve-lithograph suite that will be on display. Uniquely devoted to the pleasures of taste, this is one exhibit that transports visitors into a colorful world of food!

Indigenous Weaving: An Exhibition of Native Objects from the National Museum of History, Taiwan.

Featuring 40 native weavings from Taiwanese indigenous peoples, visitors will get a rare glimpse into the unique lifestyles and value systems of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples. With traditional patterns and unique weaving styles disappearing, this will provide a great insight into the intricate and precise calculations used in each weave pattern. Any missed calculation would likely distort the entire work! It opens May 19th with a reception and special guest from the National Museum of History, Taiwan. The event will be held from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

“Here Be Dragons”

Mythical fire-breathing dragons hundreds of feet tall with long tails and thousands of scales! OH, MY! Explore the myth of dragons through culture, literature, folklore and more. Experience the thrill of a medieval catapult, become a paleontologist in the Dino Dig Box and create a magical world with puppets!

Visitors will even be able to see the real “dragons” of today! Learn about what “dragons” eat, how they survive in the wild, their natural predators and challenges to their survival! All of this fun starts on May 28th! For more information on this intriguing exhibit, click here.

More Exhibits to Come

With summer coming up, there are plenty more exciting exhibits approaching, plus SUMMER CAMPS! For more information on these upcoming exhibits or summer camp information, check out the IMAS Facebook page. Admission prices are $7 for adults, $5 for seniors or students with ID and $4 for children ages 4-12. Ask us about our Museums for All Program. For more information, please call 956.682.0123.


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