Admit it, your furry best friend has been there for the ups and downs in your life. They were there to cheer you up when you were down or were there, wagging their tails, to celebrate your achievements. That’s why on August 26th, our furry companions will have their own day to recognize the joy they bring to our lives! Celebrate with a trip down to McAllen’s dog park. Grab some treats and dedicate the whole day to your four-legged best friend!

McAllen Dog Park

Unleash your dog and let their curiosity and agility take hold as they run through McAllen’s dog park. It’s a great place for dog owners to allow their furry friends to run leash-free in a safe area. This fenced, double-gated park has two large and small areas that are separated by weight. With water fountains, benches, shade and waste disposal stations, a whole day at the dog park will have your dog ecstatic and making new friends. The McAllen Dog Park is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM daily.

Dogs must be healthy, sociable, current on all vaccinations and licensed with tags on their collar. They must also be under their owner’s control at all times. Owners must clean up after their pets and keep them leashed when not in designated off-lead areas.


Is your best friend looking a little scraggly? Pamper them with numerous pet grooming and salon places that McAllen has to offer. Take a look here for various places to make your pooch look like a million bucks and ready to mingle and take on the world!

Before you counter with “pampering pets is more for the owner’s benefit”, a professional grooming or haircut, nail clips and teeth cleaning are beneficial for your pup. You don’t want hair limiting their eyesight, dirty nail clips harming their paws or leading to infection, and you don’t want their teeth decaying. Keep your pup in tip-top shape with grooming and pampering that will help them live a healthy and happy life!


No, we aren’t talking about leftover pizza to give to your dog as a treat. We are talking about specialized treats for your pup that they won’t have to share. CC’s Sweets & Treats in McAllen makes some great doggie treats that your pup will enjoy! Known for their delicious macaroons, you and your furry loved one can dive right into some sweet treats. Of course, McAllen has other places that sell great treats, like PetSmart or other big chain stores. Yum!

Plan for Doggie Day at the Pool on September 24th

With temperatures still rising, let your best friend cool off in the pool! On September 24th, Doggie Day at the Pool is back! From 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM, your dog will have fun splishing and splashing, making new friends and cooling off at Los Encinos Pool in McAllen. Admission is $1.50 per dog, two dog limit per owner. Must have proof of current vaccinations for entry.

All Day Fun

For all of the happiness that your furry best friend brings to your life, repay the favor and give the whole day to them! Celebrate Dog Appreciation Day at the McAllen Dog Park, pamper them, give them some yummy treats or participate at Doggie Day at the Pool! Whatever you have in store for your dog, remember to always shower them with love and affection!


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