December 15th is International Tea Day but Grab Some Boba Tea in McAllen Any Day of the Year!

B’s in a Pod

Boba tea has taken McAllen by storm, and if you’re a big fan or are itching to give it a try, then we have a few places in the city to pick up a cup! Check them out below!

B’s in a Pod

4119 N. 10th St.

*Photo courtesy of B’s in a Pod on Facebook.

B’s in a Pod always offers authentic boba tea along with ice cream and waffles. You can even customize your tea every which way you want! Check out the process below:

  • Pick a size
  • Choose blended or over ice
  • Choose your base (black tea, jasmine green tea, Thai tea, etc.)
  • Choose a flavor (taro, Okinawa milk tea, matcha, etc.)
  • Add a topping (agar boba, a jelly, or bursting boba)

Tea Garden

Tea Garden

1100 S. Jackson Rd. Ste. 1

*Photo courtesy of Tea Garden on Facebook.

Tea Garden serves up delicious boba teas and desserts. They’re beautiful to photograph since they’re made with fruit, milk, coffee, and other ingredients with customizable toppings!

Tapioca Roots

Tapioca Roots

3300 W. Expressway 83 Ste. Ste. 1240 

*Photo courtesy of Tapioca Roots on Facebook.

Tapioca Roots has an assortment of fan favorites that come in water, milk, coffee, Oreo blast, peanut butter, and strawberry-banana just to name a few! With your boba tea, you can also enjoy a bite from their menu of sweet and salty crepes and sandwiches.

Cassava Roots McAllen

Cassava Roots McAllen

2200 S. 10th St. (inside La Plaza Mall)

*Photo courtesy of Cassava Roots on Facebook.

Cassava Roots categorizes their teas into four themes:

  • Samurai (teas like Jasmine green tea and black dragon tea)
  • Ninja (fruity)
  • Sumo (milkshake teas)
  • Geisha (coffee teas)

Exotic Berry

Exotic Berry

2812 W. Nolana Ave. Ste. 170 | 5025 W. Expressway 83

*Photo courtesy of Exotic Berry on Facebook.

Exotic Berry offers boba tea along with yogurts and endless toppings. This month, they’re offering the Mexican-spiced cocoa boba tea! Be sure to follow them on Facebook!

Tea Rush Express

Tea Rush Express

6401 N. 10th St. Ste. 145

*Photo courtesy of Tea Rush Express on Facebook.

Tea Rush Express has various teas and a variety of flavors! Pick a smoothie, iced, or original tea, or a mocha blast or hot coffee with varieties like cherry, lychee, and strawberry.

Did We Miss a Spot?

McAllen has a variety of local restaurants, tea shops, coffee shops, pastry shops, and so much more! If we happened to miss a spot that offers boba tea, then let us know!


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