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We sat down with Howling Rabbits Beerworks, the winner of the McAllen Food Madness 2024 Championship, an exciting competition where McAllen restaurants vie for the top spot. With their unique offerings and dedication to quality, Howling Rabbits captured the hearts and votes of the community, ultimately taking home the championship title.

Steven Schwoerer, General Manager of this McAllen Restaurant

Steven Schwoerer, General Manager of Howling Rabbits Beerworks, expressed excitement about their McAllen restaurant’s recent victory in the McAllen Food Madness 2024 Championship. Initially, Steven saw their inclusion as a stretch, considering the competition from 32 fine restaurants. However, as they advanced through each round, his excitement grew. “I didn’t mind we were in the 30th place because we had just opened, and it was cool, but once we hit third, we thought, man, we can’t be second, you know? Let’s kick it up a notch and let people be aware!”

Steven’s heartfelt message to voters: “For all those at home who voted, we are just super-appreciative, so we look forward to next year! It’s great to win, but at the end of the day, we want people to come in and have a great time, whether for our food or beer.”

Howling Rabbits is a place for everyone! Steven emphasizes, “We have a lot of families come in after school, people playing hooky (they promise they won’t tell!), and at night, it’s pretty much a mix of people who just want to hang out and enjoy the food that we make. There is a spot for everyone!”

A Peek into the Brewing Process with Andrew Crowe, Head Brewer

Celebrating their first anniversary, Howling Rabbits takes pride in crafting all their beers in-house. Andrew Crowe, the head brewer, shared insights into their rigorous brewing process. “We have seven serving tanks, we can hold forty barrels of beer at a time, and we are fortunate enough that McAllen loves it, and we can make this beer a lot,” he said.

Andrew described the intensive work involved, “Instead of a normal nine-to-five work day, it’s an eighteen-hour work day between us to take care of a normal brew day… it’s a whole process, from milling the grain ourselves to soaking and pouring out the sugars and proteins for the yeast. We clean and pasteurize the beers and become yeast-baby sitters once again.”

As a Level Two Cicerone, Andrew’s expertise shines through his dedication and knowledge. “We always have seven beers on tap, a seasonal one, big and small batches. Just like a chef, if you make the same thing every day, you’ll want to get creative one day,” he said. One of their seasonal drinks to try now is Blood-Orange Democracy, a clean American Wheat, perfect for this weather.

You can enjoy it with good food and friends, all in the comfort of a year-round, all-season patio. Avoid the sweltering heat and enjoy the outdoor scene at Howling Rabbits for yourself!

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Porky Mac Pizza

Culinary Delights with Chef Eric Bieberbach

Chef Eric Bieberbach highlighted some of the standout dishes at this McAllen restaurant, such as the Corn Potachos—nachos but better! “Our signature street corn dip on top of a bed of fresh-fried potato chips is one of the best ways to have street corn. This plate is creamier, a comfort food, and perfect for dipping!” Another favorite is the Porky Mac Pizza, which combines creamy Alfredo, mozzarella, mac & cheese, pork carnitas, and BBQ sauce.

Chef Eric’s commitment to freshness is evident in every dish. “If something can be made daily, then I want to make it daily…but what I found is…when you are frying your chips fresh, and prepping your carnitas daily when you hand-stretch your pizza dough daily, it just gives us an edge…everything made daily as often as possible.”

He also expressed gratitude to the voters: “As a chef, you don’t always get to hear feedback from customers, so seeing that many people came out and supported Howling Rabbits, even everyone in our kitchen was excited to hear about it. I look forward to improving things, and to anyone who has not tried the other competitors or us yet, you have to try. It is everyone putting their heart and soul into these dishes.”

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Corn Potachos

Last Call Recommendations

  • Steven highlights any beer and pizza combination as a huge crowd favorite!
  • Andrew recommends the chicken tenders and Eleven Rabbits in a Trench Coat, one of their many IPA series.
  • Chef Eric suggests trying a frozen Picadilly and a loaded pretzel, a soft pretzel combined with charcuterie board elements.

What’s Next?

Exciting new offerings are coming to Howling Rabbits! Stop by in June to enjoy the latest Game of Thrones-themed launch with the Waterdragon Sour, combining watermelon and dragonfruit flavors. Andrew Crowe mentioned, “It’s a fun seasonal drink…and these two fruits are a great combination.” Plus, you can now take home 32 oz—growlers, with plans to offer your favorite beers in packs soon.

Visit the McAllen restaurant Howling Rabbits Beerworks to enjoy their award-winning food, house-made beers, and welcoming atmosphere. Congratulations to the team for their well-deserved victory in the McAllen Food Madness 2024 Championship!



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