2024 McAllen Food Madness

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Welcome to the one and only McAllen Food Madness Competition by Explore McAllen! Nominate your favorite restaurant, food truck, or even chain restaurant to take home the title of MCALLEN FOOD MADNESS CHAMP!


Last year, Santa Fe Steakhouse took home the title of 2023 McAllen Food Madness Champion. Not only did we get to spotlight their amazing journey through their culinary experience but we dove into what makes them a fan favorite.

How it Works: 

Feb 20th – Feb 29th | Nominations Are Now Closed

2024 food madness round 3
2024 food madness round 3

Important Dates to Remember

March 1st – 8th | Round 1 * 16 head-to-head matches, 2 matches per day
March 11th – 18th | Round 2 * 8 head-to-head matches, 1 match per day
March 20th – 23rd | Round 3 * 4 head-to-head matches, 1 match per day
March 25th – 26th | Round 4 * 2 head-to-head matches, one match per day
March 28th – 29th  | Finals * 1 head-to-head match, 2 day combined vote
March 31st – Champion is Announced

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