A New Year and Healthier You: 10 McAllen Restaurants to Stay Healthy

A New Year and Healthier You: Places in McAllen to Eat and Drink Healthy

One of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is to live healthier, and McAllen has everything you need to make that possible in 2024! With numerous gyms in the city like the ones we listed here, we also want to help with a list of places that serve healthy meals and delicious shakes and juices!

Healing Juice Factory

314 S 16th St | (956) 595-1539

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Healing Juice Factory offers a refreshing blend of nutritious beverages, providing a rejuvenating experience for health-conscious diners.

Earth Born

3400 W. Expressway 83 | (956) 800-5111

4135 N. 10th St. | (956) 668-8000

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Serving up a delectable fusion of nourishing juices, wholesome sandwiches, invigorating smoothies, and vibrant bowls to satisfy every palate with a burst of natural flavors.

Fork to Fit

7001 N. 10th St. | (956) 627-3284

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At Fork to Fit, savor the perfect blend of health and indulgence with protein-packed cafe drinks, convenient meal preps, and refreshing smoothies, catering to a fit and flavorful lifestyle.

Health Nut

1701 W. Dove Ave. | (956) 664-1724

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Relish in a guilt-free feast with a tempting array of fruit shakes, wholesome snack bowls, and indulgent yet healthy chocolate shakes, where every sip at this McAllen restaurant.

Shake Express

6308 N. 10th St. | (956) 627-0728

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At Shake Express, protein takes center stage in every sip as they blend together a menu of power-packed shakes, ensuring a delicious and nourishing experience for fitness enthusiasts and flavor enthusiasts alike. Also enjoy overnight oats, acai bowls, and more!

Juicy Fresh

1200 N. 10th St. | (956) 878-1220

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Juicy Fresh, nestled in McAllen, is a haven for health enthusiasts, offering an invigorating selection of fresh juices, shakes, acai bowls, nutritious savory breakfast options, and wellness coffees, promising a vibrant start to your day.

Protein House

5800 N. 10th St. | (956) 800-4313

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Protein House caters to fitness enthusiasts with a menu brimming with robust options, from protein-infused salads and hearty bowls to rejuvenating shakes, ensuring a satisfying and health-conscious dining experience.

Foodamed Vegan Restaurant and Emporium

4108 N. 10th St. | (956) 731-4484

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Embrace the delicious world of plant-based cuisine where every dish is a celebration of flavor and compassion, offering a diverse menu of exquisite vegan delights that redefine the art of conscious dining.

Mi Tierra Vegana

723 Dove Ave W, | (956) 800-4001

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Real Fit Nutrition

1111 S 10th St Suite 1 A | (956) 627-3415

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Mi Tierra Vegana brings the vibrant flavors of beloved Mexican cuisine to the plant-based table, offering a delectable array of everyone’s favorite dishes crafted with wholesome, plant-powered ingredients.

The Green Owl Deli

2901 N. 10th St. | (956) 800-4616

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Green Owl Deli is a haven for health-conscious foodies, serving up a delightful menu of fresh and wholesome options that cater to gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, and organic items.

Did We Miss Your Favorite McAllen Restaurant?

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