Celebrate National Meatball Day on March 9th and Beyond at These 6 Italian Restaurants in McAllen!


March 9th is National Meatball Day! Each food holiday is on our calendar and we were counting the days for this one! Everyone loves meatballs, right? Whether it’s with their pasta or in a sandwich, meatballs are always delicious. Let’s explore a few Italian restaurants in McAllen to stop by or order out from on March 9th! 

The Original Mama Mia Pizzeria

100 E. Business 83

Photo courtesy of Mama Mia’s Pizzeria on Facebook.

The Original Mama Mia Pizzeria is a local staple with recipes passed down from generation to generation that have captured the hearts and stomachs of locals and visitors alike. Not only do they have an amazing spaghetti and meatball dish made from scratch, but they also boast a meatball dish covered in house sauce as an appetizer!

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Malfitany Pasta Company

7017 N. 10th St. Ste. R

Photo courtesy of Malfitany Pasta Company on Facebook.

This is one of McAllen’s hidden gems on 10th St. The Malfitany family has a rich history of prosperity and chasing the American dream while preserving their Italian heritage. Not only do they make their pasta from scratch, but their cohesion of rich flavors makes their meatballs unforgettable. Their Spaghetti Pomodoro uses homemade marinara sauce topped with fresh basil! You’ll probably order a second helping to take home!

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Mama’s Pizzeria + Italian Kitchen 

401 N. 10th St.

Photo Courtesy of Mama’s Pizzeria and Italian Kitchen Facebook.

Another heavy hitter when it comes to delicious Italian food, Mama’s Pizzeria + Italian Kitchen has been serving McAllen and beyond with mouthwatering homestyle dishes. They also have a dog-friendly patio so your fur baby can hang with you while chowing down on their amazing dishes. This spot has an amazing Spaghetti Parmigiana dish with Italian chicken breast served on a bed of spaghetti pasta topped with homemade meat marinara sauce.

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National Chains

McAllen hosts national Italian restaurant chains where you can celebrate National Meatball Day:

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

3500 W. Expressway 83

Buddy V’s

2200 S. 10th St. Ste. S05

Olive Garden

Location 1: 

7812 N. 10th St.

Location 2:

222 W. Expressway 83

Are You Hungry for More in McAllen?

If you’re looking for something delicious for National Meatball Day, then check one of these spots out! If we happened to miss one, let us know! We’ll be happy to add it to the list. Also, if you’re looking for more places in McAllen to explore, then click here!


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