Coffee Shops and Bakeries to Fall for in McAllen


Fall is making its way into McAllen and we are so ready for it! We get one single drop in our day-to-day weather forecast and suddenly it’s time for pumpkin spice and everything nice. One of the great things about this is that fall-inspired flavors make their debut onto seasonal menus around us.

Guess who gets to reap the benefits? You do! McAllen is thriving with bakeries and hip, modern coffee shops that participate in these trends. Nothing screams fall louder than cozying up with a cup of pumpkin goodness at a coffee shop, especially when there’s pie involved.

Pie for Days

PJ Pies is known for their handcrafted pies, made daily from scratch, and ability to craft both savory and sweet pies that will forever be embedded in your mind. For their fall menu, they’ve added a Pumpkin Cheesecake that is definitely a MUST TRY. The creamy texture combined with the subtle pumpkin notes will have you coming back for more.

Perhaps the pie most associated with fall is pecan pie, and PJ Pies has added a highly sought-after version of this All-American staple to their menu. Their Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie is bursting with flavors that complement each other perfectly. The richness of the chocolate brings out the nuttiness in the pecans while bourbon notes are distributed throughout the filling. Your taste buds will enjoy all of the flavors in every single bite.

Pumpkin-Flavored Everything?

Do you think Pumpkin Spice Lattes are life? Think again. Coffee shops all over McAllen are redefining the fall-inspired flavors that go into perfecting your every sip. Baristas are getting creative and making combinations that will definitely keep you coming back for more. Reserva Coffee Roasters has a pumpkin latte with the unexpected flavor of Cardamom in their signature drink. It has the perfect balance of espresso and pumpkin without being too “in your face”.

While a pumpkin flavor may steal the spotlight when it comes to fall, there are others that mustn’t be overlooked. MoonBeans Coffee has a drink known as Ben’s Meteor. This drink consists of Abuelita Mexican Hot Chocolate with Brown Sugar Cinnamon and shots of espresso, topped with whipped cream and hot chocolate sprinkles. This drink is a classic that embodies the highly anticipated cooler weather that is yet to come.

Go Explore!

Fall is an exciting season for everyone. The next time you decide to have a snack or latte at one of your favorite coffee shops or bakeries in McAllen, make sure to ask about their fall drinks! These are usually only available for a limited time which makes them even more appealing. Don’t forget to take a pic for the ‘gram and add #McAllenDrinks and #McAllenEats for a repost!


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