Mark Your Calendars for National Peking Duck Day on January 18th!


Celebrate National Peking Duck Day in McAllen this Friday! If you’ve ever needed the perfect reason to celebrate eating out, then mark your calendars for every January 18th!

Peking Duck (in English, pronounced like Beijing) is a popular Chinese dish where the duck is roasted with a crispy exterior. Here are three local eateries where you can enjoy the rich flavors of this amazing dish!

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Xin Xin Asian Fusion Cuisine

Xin Xin Asian Fusion Cuisine is a locally-owned restaurant that serves Pan Asian food, with fusions from both Chinese and Vietnamese cultures.

  • This restaurant offers savory, whole marinated duck and a whole roasted duck with a crispy skin. Both meal options come with your choice of rice.
  • Located at 6401 N. 10th

Dragon Warrior Noodle

All of you ramen lovers should plan a trip to Dragon Warrior Noodle for dinner and try their variety of ramen and Asian street foods!

  • They serve shredded duck shoyu that includes ajitama – a styled boiled egg, shredded duck, roasted corn, and fried basil.
  • Located at 800 N. Main St.

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Le Lai Eastern Restaurant

This family-style restaurant is considered an Asian fusion eatery that takes a modern spin on traditional Chinese eats.

  • Le Lai offers both roast and crispy duck with portions of fried or steamed rice. They cut up the whole duck for you and can serve it with cilantro.
  • Located at 2901 N. 10th

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