January 18th, 19th, and 20th – Things to do in McAllen

Things to do in McAllen on January 18th, 19th, and 20th | Explore McAllen

Start your Friday with celebrations, get an early start on Saturday with the whole family, and end Sunday with new friends! Read more about each event below! Click on each event’s name for times and locations.

January 18th

  • On Friday at the McAllen Convention Center, catch a movie at the drive-in movie theatre. Watch the film Need for Speed in anticipation of the upcoming international McAllen Car Festival!
  • Grab some grub at the McAllen Food Park UPLUGGED session! Listen to local music and explore the surrounding shops. Families are encouraged to bring their pets, and parking is free! It will be located at 10 N. Broadway and Ash Ave.
  • Grab your dancing partner and dance the night away at the Friday Night Dance Party, held at the Austin bar hosted by DJ Robert Ceballos! Come join the fun at 1110 Austin Ave.
  • Head over to Hillbilly’s to hear Sunny Sweeney live! A musician from Houston Texas, Sweeney is ready to celebrate Friday with you! The entry fee is $15 per person.

January 19th

Things to do in McAllen on January 18th, 19th, and 20th | Explore McAllen

  • The McAllen Marathon starts this Saturday at the McAllen Convention Center! Support others and enjoy the Marathon Health Expo! Get access to new health information, free health screenings, and more!
  • Keep the fun going with some shopping at the Saturday Evening Market! This local artisan spot is located off of Upas and 11th St. 
  • In the evening, immerse yourself in noodles! Attend Noodle Fest at Yerberia Cultura on Saturday evening to feast on tons of noodles provided by local restaurants. Then burn those calories while playing games and listening to music! The entry fee is $20.

January 20th

  • Start Sunday surrounded by dogs! Bring your dog to the Walk & Wag event at the Healing Juice Factory! Be a part of a training session and community pet walk!
  • Have you been hypnotized yet? If not, you are going to want to check out John Milton’s performance, Duermase! This event is available all weekend at the McAllen Convention Center. You can purchase tickets online at Ticketmaster!


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