5 McAllen Parks Adventures Your Family Won’t Forget During Spring Break

McAllen Parks in spring break

Spring break is a time to go out and have family fun. There are tons of fun things to do. Enjoy an afternoon at these 5 McAllen parks are enough to satisfy your family’s fun! Here are five excellent and scenic park recommendations in McAllen’s great city! 

McAllen Nature Center

4101 W Business 83

(956) 681-3333

  • Tuesday – Saturday 8 AM to 6 PM

McAllen Nature Center has plenty of nature walks and pathways for you and your family to enjoy! The park has lovely tours of beautiful nature and trees while spending some quality spring break with your family!  

Bill Schupp McAllen Parks

Bill Schupp Park

1300 Zinnia Ave

(956) 681-3111

  • Monday – Sunday 6 AM to 11 PM

Enjoy playgrounds, tranquil nature walks, and an afternoon picnic at Bill Schupp Park. It’s the ideal park that your whole family will enjoy. With plenty of hiking trails and biking trails to follow, you’ll have lots of things to do at Bill Schupp Park! 

McAllen Sports Park

3301 Buddy Owens Blvd

(956) 681-3333

  • Monday – Friday 7:30 AM to 5 PM

Is your household filled with little athletes who cannot get enough outdoor time? McAllen sports park is the ideal place for your family to enjoy sports as well as a park for everyone else! Hold family tournaments, play regular games, or place to walk and exercise. 

Fireman’s Park

Fireman’s Park

201 N 1st St

(956) 681-3333

  • Monday – Sunday 8 AM to 11 PM

Plan your family get-together at fireman’s park! There are picnic areas, volleyball areas, as well as nature, walks for your family to enjoy. You can even rent out a famous McAllen Duckie row boats!

McAllen Parks and Recreation

1000 S Ware Rd

(956) 681-3333

Enjoy marvelous parks and recreational activities hosted through the parks and recreation department! Find the perfect activities, outdoor classes for you and your family for you to enjoy, and it’s assured that the kids will love them! Read more online!

Visit these McAllen Parks & More Things to Do in McAllen for Spring Break

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