5 New McAllen Restaurants To Try!

New McAllen Restaurants To Try

Now open in 2023 are some new McAllen restaurants to try out. Try a wide variety of fantastic food and dishes inspired by culture and style and a unique combination of flavors that are mind-blowing!

The Dolly Llama

7600 N 10th St.

● Friday and Saturday 12 PM – 12 AM

● Sunday – Thursday 12 PM to 10 PM

Waffles and Ice cream are the best of both worlds! At the Dolly Llama, you can get both at excellent prices choose from a variety of flavors including matcha green tea, ube, pistachio, and horchata! Get some of their signature shakes and bubble waffle treats. Check out their full menu online!

The Chicken Salad Factory

5612 N 10th St.

● Monday – Saturday 11 AM to 8 PM

The newest addition to McAllen is the chicken salad factory! Here you can get all kinds of premium chicken salad combinations you may have never thought of before. Don’t forget to grab a soup and sandwich while you are at it, and dare to try their spicy options!

Edith's Mexican Buffet in McAllen

Edith’s Mexican Buffet

4809 W Expy 83 Suite 100

● Monday – Saturday 7 AM to 8 PM

It’s a buffet of Mexican food with a Texas twist! Edith’s Mexican Buffet is a local buffet that serves valley residents breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Enjoy classic enchiladas, pollo con arroz, tostadas, sopa, and more all to your heart’s content 

El Itacate McAllen

1300 Trenton Rd. Suite 380

● Tuesday – Sunday 8 AM to 4 PM

A restaurant with history and lots of flavors is El Itacate. El Itacate is a local restaurant that has held it’s roots locally for over 30 years. Stop by to enjoy supreme pupusas, authentic street tacos, and savory desserts.

Tacos Kissi

705 S 10th St.

● Sunday – Saturday 8 AM to 11 PM

If Mexican fish cuisine is your thing, then you have to stop by Tacos Kissi for their famous seafood dishes. Enjoy sushi, and nearly every fish under the sea, at this local eaterie!

New McAllen Restaurants To Try!

Are you enjoying the food in McAllen? Remember to vote for your favorite restaurants in McAllen Food Madness 2023! Votes will be tallied all month, so remember to cheer for your favs and nominate your best restaurants for the food madness!



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