X-Treme Bugs Creeping into IMAS on October 9th!


Imagine a spider in your doorway, an ant crawling into your office or a butterfly fluttering outside. Imagine if they were the size of your car or even bigger! What would you notice first? Would those gigantic creatures have the same characteristics?

Experience a wonderland of larger than life X-Treme bugs at the International Museum of Art & Science. This 6,000 square foot exhibit will feature over 100 giant bugs, including 22 massive animatronic bugs all in their vibrant, natural habitats.

Learn about super organisms, insect migration and hibernation, emergent behavior and solitary predators that will include stinkbugs, honeybees, a ladybug, a fluttering monarch butterfly and more! The exaggerated size and fascinating stories of these creatures will surprise, entertain and leave a lasting impression on you!

Join this wild adventure plus interactive activities presented by IMAS educators, including hands-on interactions with Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches, IMAS’s very own tarantula, The Dude, and much more.


Make it a day with this jaw dropping, eye-popping encounter in the X-Treme BUGS exhibition on view from October 9, 2016 to March 20, 2017 in the Discovery Pavilion at IMAS. There is an additional $8 charge for this exhibit except for Family Premium Members or above. Be sure to mark the exhibition dates on your calendar!


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