Back to School Season is Here! Check Out These McAllen Stores and Plazas

La Plaza Mall McAllen stores entrance.

Returning to school is one of the year’s biggest seasons for McAllen families. Scour our web for the hottest McAllen stores to shop now, and take a look at the most popular areas people are shopping in McAllen.

Find Shops in All Corners of McAllen

The City of McAllen is just one example of where you can shop for this back-to-school season. Within the city, there are places such as :

  • North McAllen has the Trenton Crossing and North Cross Shopping Center featuring big chains and small boutiques.
  • South McAllen’s most famous plazas include La Plaza Mall, Palms Crossing Center, and the Las Tiendas shopping center located off expressway 83 and on McColl Rd.
  • Downtown McAllen hosts tons of affordable products and cute clothing boutiques.

These places have a wide variety of places to choose from when shopping for back-to-school exclusives!

North McAllen Stores

North McAllen has several places to consider when you begin your back-to-school shopping. Places like Trenton Crossing and North Cross Shopping Center are among the few places you can go to.

Trenton Crossing

Trenton Crossing in McAllen has a variety of stores for any preference you may have! If you are looking for apparel, affordable shoes, home goods for the school year, or even beauty products for you and your teens, this center caters to every need. Don’t forget to shop this upcoming tax-free weekend!

Shops include:

  • Kohl’s
  • Ross
  • Rue 21
  • Claire’s
  • Best Buy
  • Marshall’s
  • Old Navy
  • Foxy Nails
  • Foot Locker
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Shoe Carnival
  • Rack Room Shoes
  • America’s Best Contacts

NorthCross Shopping Center

This shopping center is one of the busiest intersections at the heart of North McAllen’s shopping district. Places like Bargain Brands, Hobby Town, and Glamour are just a few examples of local stores you can invest in for your back-to-school list.

las tiendas | Explore McAllen

South McAllen Stores

South McAllen has almost the same variety as in North McAllen but has other places, if not more, within the southern part of McAllen. Shopping districts include La Plaza Mall, Las Tiendas, and Palms Crossing.

  • La Plaza Mall is your go-to if you want the find the latest trends, incredible dining experiences, and shops for every need.
  • Las Tiendas Shopping Center offers big chains and great prices on back-to-school items such as clothing, school sporting goods, affordable shoes, and home gifts.
  • Palms Crossing Shopping Center is an ever-growing center with clothing stores such as DSW, Ross, Torrid, and Rack Room Shoes, as well as plenty of nearby dining options.


If you’re looking for a variety of items on your list, then downtown McAllen stores are some of the best locations to buy back-to-school supplies! Check out locally owned businesses:

  • Impact
  • De Moda
  • Curvy’s by MILLY’s
  • D’Gala Formal Boutique

Discover Shopper’s Go-to McAllen Stores

On Main Street

  • The Silver Finch
  • Fiusha Fashion
  • Glitter Fashion

North and South 10th Street

  • Maripoza Boutique
  • Leonas Style Boutique
  • Jones and Jones
  • The Man’s Shop
  • Shop 112

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