Last Things To Do in McAllen Before School Starts!

Things to do in McAllen TX before school starts.

Summer is almost over, and school is just around the corner. You’re probably wondering if there are any last things to do in McAllen with your family before the school season begins. With all the local stores preparing for back-to-school, and many places like theaters and stadiums being booked for back-to-school, there doesn’t seem to be anything new. Well, look no further, here are a few events and places to check out just before your summer vacation ends! 

Family time

As you know, spending time with your family, and getting a chance to relax has its benefits. Going to these family-friendly events is sure enough to cure your family’s summertime blues!  Here are just some events happening during this month of August. So mark your calendars, and explore these fun events that you and your family will enjoy!

White market tents promoting fun things to do in McAllen

Sun-day Fun-day Market

6000 N 10th Street

Visit your local artisans and crafters at the market! You’ll find lots of small local businesses, artisans, and crafters, all while enjoying some food and music! Come and support your local artists, artisans, and crafters and have a great time doing so! This event is open to the public and is active every Sunday from 5:30 PM to 9 PM.   

family enjoying drinks outdoors with fun things to do in McAllen TX.

Birds & Beers McAllen

1303 N 10th Street

Come and meet up with local birders! This outdoor event gives you a chance to enjoy the outdoors, share some drinks, and more importantly, look at the birds within the local areas! So crack open a cold one and enjoy the scenic views and watch some birds! This gathering happens every Thursday from 7 PM – 10 PM.

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McAllen Art Crawl

821 N Main 

A local experience that spreads creativity, culture, and community in a fun way! Explore artistic talents throughout the Rio Grande Valley as you visit restaurants, galleries, and small businesses. Experience:  

  • art exhibitions
  • live music performances 
  • food and drinks

This event is free and has something in store for all ages alike. Enjoy scenic walks and cultural experiences while supporting local artists! This event is open to the public from 6 PM to 10 PM. 

McAllen Art Walk


If you are passionate about art, galleries, and museums, then the McAllen art walk is the place to be! The ArtWalk is a free, self-guided tour through the galleries and museums of downtown McAllen, as well as seeing local art created by the community. ArtWalk begins every Friday of the month and is open from 6 – 10 PM. 

forever icecream | Explore McAllen

More Places to Visit!

After spending some time with your family, visiting local restaurants can also be another opportunity you can invest your time. If you’re wondering where you can eat and enjoy your local events here are other places to consider after going out and spending those last days of summer!

Ice Cream Spots in McAllen: 

  • Joe’s 52 Flavors
  • Yummy’s Ice Cream and Mini Donuts
  • Forever Ice Cream
  • Ice Cubed McAllen Yelateria
  • Paleteria La Chula Michoacana

Restaurants in McAllen:

  • McAllen Food Park
  • Bodega Tavern & Kitchen
  • El Divino
  • Pepper’s at Uptown
  • Republic of the Rio Grande

There are plenty of things to do before sending your family back to school. Sure enough, have your summer end off with a bang that will have all of your family smiling just in time for back to school. Ensuring your family has the best summer possible is very important to you, be sure to catch up on any possible events in store for your family just before school starts.  

Looking Forward to these places?

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